Principal's Message

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's we rob them of tomorrow." ~John Dewey

Welcome to FlexTech High School, an innovative tuition-free, public charter school. If you are looking for a unique, individualized high school experience in a small, flexible, technologically advanced workspace, I invite you to discover FlexTech.

FlexTech High School utilizes online learning, face-to-face learning, project-based learning, and flexible scheduling. This environment allows us to combine our highly qualified and motivated teachers with state of the art technology and online resources to engage students and enhance the learning environment.

Every student at FlexTech is unique in their strengths and abilities. We work with each student to customize their learning experience and create individualized schedules that allow students to master competencies one at a time, while demonstrating mastery of their learning through a variety of ways, all leading toward successful completion of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

FlexTech aims to prepare students for life, college, and work. We infuse responsibility, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and collaboration throughout our curriculum to effectively prepare students for life after high school.

I encourage you to browse through the website, visit our facebook site to see videos and pictures of "learning" in action, and also to view the Prezi below describing our school. Also, please email us or visit our campus to learn how we are able to provide such a "different" high school experience.

FlexTech High School
"High School Done Differently"


Melanie Laber
School Leader