Advisory is the foundation for the FlexTech High School program. Students will be assigned to an advisory section where they will meet with their advisor at least once a week and work closely with him or her on a weekly basis to make sure they are successfully progressing on their learning pathway.  The role of the advisor is to establish a positive relationship with the student and serve as a mentor for their time in the FlexTech program.  Participating in the development of the student’s learning plan, the advisor will be familiar with each student’s goals, strengths, interests and challenges.

Advisory will also include coursework that will help students with goal setting and understanding how to track their own progress and adjust their learning plan as their goals change during their time in the program.  In addition to monitoring students’ academic progress, advisors will also pay close attention to students’ attendance and online login frequency and assist students with problem solving if they are not attending classes or progressing through their online coursework successfully.

Advisory will also engage students in post-secondary planning where they will complete college applications and  apply for financial aid.  Advisors will also invite area businesses to conduct mock interviews and review resumes and job applications so that students who leave FlexTech will have real word experience in job interviews and in the application process.  Advisory credit of .5 per year will be earned through culminating projects that collect, showcase and celebrate student learning.