General Questions

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are public schools operated independently of the larger school districts where they are located. They are public in every sense by being open to all students, non-selective in enrollment, non-religious, and tuition-free.

How is FlexTech High School different from the surrounding traditional public high schools?

  • FTHS is absolutely mission-driven in everything we do. Our mission is to prepare each student for success in career, life and higher education by providing an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in an engaging program with flexible scheduling and authentic learning experiences. These simple descriptions can be seen in everything we do.
  • Charters can harness the often stifled energy of innovative and experienced educators.
  • FTHS builds in more time for professional development and planning that is specifically mission driven.
  • FTHS provides mentoring and training opportunities for teachers based on initiative and performance.
  • School wide curriculum planning incorporating backward design, alignment to the ACT college readiness standards as well as the Michigan High School Content Expectations.

How are charter schools funded?

Charter schools are funded on a per pupil basis with public dollars, however charters must pay for their own facilities through fundraising and/or their operating dollars as charters are not allowed local bond money for facility expenditures.

Do FTHS students receive a "regular high school diploma"?

Absolutely. As a State of Michigan public high school, FTHS requires all students to master the Michigan Merit Curriculum in addition to our graduation requirements in order to earn their high school diploma.

Do I have to pay tuition?

No, charter schools are public schools, therefore there is no tuition.

Why is there a lottery system for admissions?

Michigan charter law requires that we utilize a lottery in the admissions process if we receive more applicants than spaces available.

How long is the school day and school year?

Classes begin at 8am and end at 4:05pm, except on Fridays where there is Open Lab and Office Hours from 9am- to 12pm. However, each student’s schedule is individualized based on their needs, so each schedule is unique. Students attend school on a similar calendar to the rest of the public schools in Livingston County.

What is the discipline code?

Students attending OFTA adhere to a strict code of conduct. Expectations for student conduct, attendance and academic achievement are high. For more information on the school's discipline code, please refer to the student handbook

Maestro Resources

How do I access information about my student on Maestro (the Student Information System)?

In order to accomplish this, you should have registered for an account at flextech.maestrosis.com and contacted the office to ensure that it is linked to your student. You will receive a credentials email. Please watch the following tutorial video for further instructions.