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Kristen Moore – Brighton

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B.A. Michigan State University – Mathematics M.A. Michigan State University – Teaching & Curriculum I joined the FlexTech High faculty for our inaugural year in the 2011 after completing my BA in Mathematics and the Secondary Education Graduate Certification program at Michigan State University. All throughout my formative years, I had a passion for mathematics and for helping others to understand and love mathematics too. I was particularly inspired by a Barbie that said “Math class is tough,” and I hated the message that it sent to kids… math may be challenging at times, but we shouldn’t look at that negatively. Since starting at FlexTech, I have worked to increase students’ higher order thinking skills in the classroom through project based learning and challenging and relevant real-world examples that highlight the usefulness of mathematics in students’ lives. That experience inspired me to pursue a masters in Teaching and Curriculum, where I learned valuable skills in addressing problem solving and critical thinking in the mathematics classroom, and I am working to incorporate those ideas throughout the math department. Outside of school, my family and I have a very busy life of chasing around our 3 kids and keeping them involved in the community.  My husband and I are huge sports fans, making sure to hit various hockey, baseball and football games throughout the year.  Both of our older children love sports as much as we do, with our daughter involved with track, and our son involved with baseball and football.  Our youngest loves imitating his older siblings and cant wait to get out and play with them! BACK TO TEAM


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