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Mary Merwin – Brighton

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BFA, Eastern Michigan University – Life Drawing & Photography

I joined the FlexTech High School staff in February 2012 a year after I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BFA in drawing and photography. Since working at FlexTech, I have been an advisor and have developed a successful art program. I teach Art Foundations, Drawing 1 & 2, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Studio. I love watching my students take pride in the work they do and gain a critical eye for the art that exist around them. I do not expect that every student walk away prepared to be an artist. Rather, I hope that each student will leave with a better appreciation for and a stronger connection to art as a whole, along with the abilities necessary to handle life in a visually dominated world.

I am the youngest of 3 and grew up in Hartland, Michigan. In my spare time I am a working professional photographer and portrait artist. I am personally invested in the process of creating, evaluating and analyzing art. I own a photography business with my sister. I love to travel and spending time with my family.



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