Post-Secondary Success

The Michigan Merit Curriculum will be delivered through an innovative approach where students will use their Standards Based Learning Profile to determine which elements of the MMC they need to master and how they will demonstrate this mastery.  This approach of offering flexibility while capitalizing on student interest, academic strengths, creativity and multiple options to demonstrate mastery will allow students to not only master academic content but also develop essential 21st century skills.  Leading students to the understanding of how school work can be relevant to their lives and encouraging them to value learning for learning sake, is a key goal of the school, especially through the advisory program. Students will be exposed to the work of Carol Dweck in advisory, where they will learn about how our beliefs about ourselves and our ability to learn make those two things real—students will learn how to adopt the “growth mindset”  or  “…the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.”

Through cross curricular coursework and projects students will be required to demonstrate developing proficiencies necessary for increasingly complex life and work environments where critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration and creative problem solving are the desired traits.  These traits will be showcased and evaluated through culminating year end projects that lead to comprehensive senior project presentations.  Included in the final senior projects, students will communicate their post-secondary plans listing the essential skills and traits necessary for successfully achieving their post-secondary goals.