At its heart, FlexTech High School is committed to welcoming students into school in a way that encourages work on students' terms. By acknowledging and recognizing the areas where students may have previously struggled in school and assisting the student in designing a program that addresses these needs, students can value themselves as learners and reengage in the learning process. Student's need for meaningful, relevant work is central to the flexible learning model. FlexTech High School believes:

  • With the right amount of guidance, support and intervention, students will reconnect with school and the importance of their education.
  • It is our responsibility to help students figure out how to engage in learning so that they know how to achieve their goals.
  • High school students need more than a program that will point them in the direction of a diploma; they need to interact with adults in a way that will help them connect with their education so they truly feel like capable learners.

In addition, through close adult guidance FlexTech students will explore post-secondary options and make a plan for their life after high school that connects what they are doing right now (their education) with their future plans so they no longer feel that high school is disconnected from their lives. FlexTech High School lives up to these values through its intake and advisory programs, as well as its unique approach to instruction and instructional choices, and the opportunity to work with the community. Through the advisory program that occasionally requires the student to run work past an adult member of the community, students will be coached in improving their communication skills. Students will learn that their presentation and appearance have an effect on their message. Through careful advising students will develop the confidence needed to be successful after high school. Using community based opportunities and project-based learning, students will have the opportunity to view the world through multiple lenses and to relate with successful community members that will build the necessary confidence for post-secondary success. The format also provides opportunity for students to see how academics apply directly to real-world work and how much of what they know and do already has academic and work applications.